Brock Lesnar Puts Over Next Big WWE Superstar

Brock Lesnar put over Dominik Mysterio huge after one of the WWE’s next big superstars hit some of his first wrestling moves at Survivor Series 2019 during Brock vs. Rey Mysterio.



“This is just my assumption, but based on what happened that night, that’s when the interest really started to flow with WWE. We knew you [Dominik] wanted to end up at the Performance Center to start training, but everything started to evolve after that night,” Rey called on the Start Today podcast.

Dominik added, “After I got my ass beat, I went to say thank you to every. I remember Brock telling me that he was surprised because I knew more than he thought I was going to. With how I placed myself and things I would do to feed into things. I don’t think they were expecting me to know what I was doing. That was really cool right off the bat.”

Fightful transcribed the Mysterios’ remarks. Rey and Dominik Mysterio recently discussed testing positive for COVID-19 in December.

Rey said he found out about the COVID scare while in town for a WWE show, and this was the reason the Mysterios were off TV shortly after the Seth Rollins angle ended.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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