Brock Lesnar ‘Questioned’ WWE Raw Payment

Brock Lesnar isn’t one to be taken lightly. Rumors have gone on since his debut that he is a man about his money and his business. You are not to get between those two things when it comes to the man himself, Brock Lensar. Especially since Brock always carries an attitude that could make Vince McMahon tremble and back down. Brock had some questions about his payment from the business when he first came in. Brock Lesnar & Conor McGregor WrestleMania News Leaks.



Randy Orton shared a funny story involving Brock Lesnar and many other great stories during his appearance on Broken Skull Sessions hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Randy Orton had an interesting story to share that involved his time on the road with Brock Lesnar when the two were together for WWE shows. When the two were still green, they were riding together as most wrestlers would do to go show to show before the business was ripe with drivers and riders.

At one point during this trip in particular, Randy Orton had Brock Lesnar turn to him and state: “Can you believe we get paid to do this?” as both of them chuckled to each other.

It truly is crazy to hear stories as innocent as that and then see what became of the superstar status that Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton now hold not only over the pro-wrestling world, but in the world in general.

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