Brodus Clay Talks Relationship with the Funkadactyls & Being An Agile Big Guy

During an interview with, Brodus Clay was asked about being respectful to the Funkadactyls, Naomi and Cameron.



“My mother didn’t play being disrespectful to women. I was around grandmas and aunts. You learned pretty quick to be respectful! Me, Naomi and Cameron are like family; we’re like brother and sisters. I watch their back, they watch mine. We travel together, we laugh and joke around together, they help me dance and I help them help me dance. They’re very talented women.”

Brodus also talked about why an agile big guy such a hot commodity wrestling.

Quite honestly there’s not a lot of us out there. It’s dangerous because, like a truck when it hits a wall, the wall is destroyed but the truck is, too. Bigger bones, bigger nerve endings, higher degree for injury. People tend to forget that sometimes. Just because a guy is big, or a monster or a giant, or whatever you want to call it, we’re more susceptible to injury.

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