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Bruce Prichard talks about Vince McMahon granting release requests

Bruce Prichard

The Revival and Mike Kanellis asked for their releases from WWE in the past few weeks. However, none of the superstars were granted their release.

On Something To Wrestle With, Bruce Prichard talked about Brian Kendrick getting released in 2004. It happened due to him requesting his release, even though he made his return to WWE a couple of times after that.

Even though things are different now, there was a certain way one would get their WWE release. Here is what Bruce said:

“Sometimes it’s just the relationship with Vince and how you present yourself and how you deal with things all along the road. If you were always there doing your job and never any problem anything like that and you are nice about asking then he’ll do it. Sometimes if he thinks that he has something for you that he feels is going to be big or he feels is going to be right for you he’ll ask you to hang on and let’s try something else.”

“The best and as crazy as it is sometimes it depends on the mood and it depends on when you ask and who you ask.”

WWE will most likely not grant any superstar their release from the company, as many things are happening both in and outside the company. So WWE is trying to keep all their talents with them.

  • Rinn13

    And then sometimes Grandpa Vince has absolutely zero intentions to use you in any meaningful way, but will continue to hold you hostage, until your contract runs out.