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Bully Ray gives advice to All Elite Wrestling

Bully Ray

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray spoke on the WINCLY podcast, where among other topics of discussion, he talked about All Elite Wrestling. He also compared All In with ECW’s Barely Legal.

Bully was asked about the rumored All Elite Wrestling promotion which will be started by Elite members Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. After the huge success that was All In, it is the belief that they will be working on their own after their Ring Of Honor contracts end at the start of 2019.

Bully compared All In to ECW’s inaugural pay-per-view event Barely Legal in the sense that they did whatever was needed in order to put on a splendid event, betting on themselves. Bully also pointed out the fact that Cody and The Young Bucks had ROH to rely on if All In had failed, which was not the case for the ECW superstars.

“If you’re gonna go and do it, you better go guns ablazin’, you can’t half-ass it. Those guys are smart guys. When you look at a show like All In, I know so many people were mesmerized by it and it was a phenomenal event, but was All In really any different than Barely Legal? Barely Legal is the original All In because that was the entire company, ownership and wrestlers, truly going all in on their style and their beliefs, and that show changed the wrestling business.

So I understand Cody and The Bucks, when they went all in on that show, they did have Ring Of Honor to fall back on. ECW had no safety net, we had no safety net, those guys did. Still, that doesn’t take away from any success they had from that All In show, because it was a great event, and probably in the top-three most talked about things of 2018, I would say… So if they’re gonna do it, they gotta go for the jugular and do it right because I don’t think you’re gonna get a second opportunity here.”

Bully wished them success and wanted the best for them. Especially The Young Bucks, as he remembers how they were at the beginning of their career and respects how far they have come till now.

“I really want to see it work for Nick and Matt. I don’t care where Nick and Matt find success, I just want them to find success because I saw those two guys start off like scared little kids in TNA, and to see what they’ve turned into and how they’ve kept their heads on straight, it’s good to see.”

  • Bully Ray acts like he owned ECW, truthfully he was Paul E’s bitch and has no room to be giving advice to guys who don’t need it. The Elite are being smart about launching this thing, I don’t see it being run into the ground like ECW was, and btw for the record, “Bully Ray” left that company as soon as he got an offer somewhere else, so what exactly does he know about running a business?