Carmella ‘Furious’ After Brock Lesnar Return

Wow, if you were to check out the Twitter accounts of Carmella and Liv Morgan, you would be shocked by the dead air that is currently happening over there. What could possibly be going wrong here? Obviously it couldn’t be WWE messing up two talented stars, could it? Certainly not because we surely know WWE much better than that. Okay, sarcasm aside, Carmella and Liv Morgan have a really good reason to be going dark on their Twitter and it involves Brock Lesnar and WWE. WWE Attitude Era Diva Returns To Smackdown.



If you were (un)lucky enough to sit through another Smackdown, you would have seen the Brock Lesnar return segment that left many of us feeling shades of “this again?” As Brock came back, we saw Paul Heyman in the ring with him as Roman Reigns was heading down the ramp with the Usos backstage. Brock gave Heyman five seconds to accept his challenge of Roman vs Brock for the title before Roman Reigns chose to fire Heyman.

Before the countdown was over, Brock hoisted Heyman up for an F5. Reigns came in and dropped Brock Lesnar which also sent Heyman to the mat. The Usos then gave out superkicks in stereo to Lesnar, but Brock hit them with a double clothesline. Looking at the crowd reactions, it didn’t go over that well as the crowd noise was pretty piped in and faked as the crowd seemed overall pretty dead even though you could hear a ton of noise.

The segment, and other segments and matches on the show like Edge vs. Seth Rollins likely, went on for way too long and this then cost Carmella and Liv Morgan their match. Both Carmella and Liv stated: “…” on Twitter.

A source said to this on Twitter: “Zelina Vega & Carmella were scheduled for a tag match on SmackDown against Liv Morgan & Toni Storm – the match was cut due to time, per source.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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