WWE Attitude Era Diva Returns To Smackdown

Lillian Garcia returned and sang the national anthem at WWE Smackdown on Friday at Madison Square Garden.



Undertaker & Batista ‘Humiliated’ Fired WWE Star

Randy Orton and Riddle are the current RAW Tag Team Championships and they captured the titles at WWE SummerSlam defeating AJ Styles and Omos. ‘The Viper’ recently opened up about his real-life friendship with his tag-team partner, Riddle. ‘The Original Bro’ had defeated Orton in a singles match on RAW in April 2021 and that lead to the formation of RK-Bro.

Randy Orton opens up on Riddle

WWE recently released a YouTube video documenting RK-Bro’s rise to the top of tag team division. Speaking out-of-character, Orton explained how he changed his mind about Riddle after initially disliking him in real life.

“Once I was around him for a little while, I got to like the guy,” Orton said. “We have a lot more in common than I thought we would. I definitely respect him and his attributes, but the attitude initially I wasn’t a big fan of. Now it’s almost endearing.”

Although he did not care much for Riddle at first, Orton said that he has enjoyed working with the RAW Superstar throughout 2021:

“He’s a quick learner, so I think that’s probably why I went from not really caring for the guy all that much to thinking, ‘You know what, maybe we have something here. We could have something here. Let’s give it a shot.’ So of course we gave it a shot and now it’s been a lot of fun, to be frank, a lot of fun,” Orton added.

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