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Cesaro might have suffered injury on RAW

Cesaro might have gotten injured during this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. The injury occurred during the end of a six-man match where Ricochet, The Miz and Braun Strowman defeated Cesaro, Bobby Lashley and WWE United States Champion Samoa Joe.

Ricochet hit his 630 Splash on Cesaro, but he hit it a little low and ended up landing on Cesaro’s leg.

Following the match, Cesaro was helped to the back after being checked on at ringside. One could clearly see he was not putting any pressure on his leg.

  • CC

    Sadly there is a lot of toxicity in the wrestling community. Whether it is people making fun of injuries because they do not like a wrestler, or wishing death on Vince because they do not like the current product.
    This section of fans has always existed, but in this era of social media and internet forums etc, they start showing up even more.

  • CC

    Apparently there is nothing wrong with him going on most reports.

  • Soulshroude

    Since when did people start acting like *ssholes when it comes to wrestlers injuries?