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Charlotte wants to face Asuka

The Queen spoke with Hollywood Life recently on the idea of taking on Asuka at WrestleMania. Charlotte claims that she’s ready to break the streak of the Empress of Tomorrow.

If Asuka chooses her for WrestleMania:

Streaks are meant to be broken, and we’ve never faced each other. I think if sdhe does choose me, then ‘The Empress’ vs ‘The Queen’ is a WrestleMania moment. I want to break her streak. I want to be that woman who can say ‘I beat Asuka.’

On what kind of match she wants with Asuka:

You know, I thought about that. Maybe like a ‘Falls Count Anywhere’ or an ‘Iron Man’ match, but I think what will be so special is a regular match. No one has seen us in the ring before and we have such different backgrounds and styles. I don’ thtink it needs any enhancement or name on the match. I think just seeing us go at it on the biggest stage of all is just as exciting.

Charlotte also discussed how she is still learning from Ric Flair, and talked about being a role Model. You can check out the rest of the interview here.

It seems that the Queen is looking ahead to WrestleMania, but she has to get past her Fastlane opponent first. Charlotte defends her WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship against the leader of the Riott Squad, Ruby Riott, this Sunday.

  • Greg Bush

    I’d like to see someone come up from NXT to do it. Maybe Ember Moon finally gets a win over her? Not sure, but it definitely doesn’t need to go to anyone who is already on the main roster.

    WWE has a habit of ruining a good streak. Hopefully they can end this one in the right way, though I doubt it.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think the WWE going to let Asuka go as long as they can because it what going to keep fans watching her matches. Even after she finally lose she still going to be a round for a long time Asuka is that woman who taking the Women division to the next level.

  • CC

    I know Bliss does not “need” the win, and thats why I said she does not “need” the win.
    But she could benefit from it because she is seen as someone who only wins by devious means. If she got a clean win, that would cement her as a credible champion. Much like the Miz. He wins mostly through interference and under hand tactics, but if he got a clean win over someone like Cena or someone of that calibre, it would actually make him look more credible,
    Charlotte, as a baby face would have absolutely no benefit from a clean or dirty win.

    I think Jax winning would not necessarily be that great for her. It could help get her or it could hinder her. The problem with Asuka is that she has a huge following, so for Jax to beat her, it could create a lot of negativity for her which is not good if the intention is for her to turn face.

  • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

    Alexa Bliss doesn’t need the win over Asuka any more than Charlotte does, and at least Charlotte would help produce an amazing match.

    At this point, the only person on the main roster who should beat Asuka (from a story perspective) is Nia Jax. Her finally overcoming the odds would be the thing that fully gets her over as a face (or heel, depending on how she gets the victory),

    I think it should be Ember Moon, who makes it her mission to beat Asuka on the main roster since she couldn’t in NXT. It could be the story that gets her over on the main roster.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Asuka beats Charlotte at Mania in a match that pushes both beyond their limits. Carmella comes out and cashs in and wins the belt. Streak broken but she has an excuse. Plus Carmella gets a huge push from being the one to beat her.

  • CC

    Charlotte beating Asuka would be horrible.
    When the streak ends it needs to be to someone who needs that big push to get over.

    Most of the women on the roster either do not need that or are not worthy of it.
    While they do not necessarily need it, I think beating Asuka clean would help push Bliss even further over than she is, and Becky Lynch could maybe benefit a bit from it as well. But it really needs to be someone who could benefit hugely from it.

    I think also for it to really mean anything, it needs to be a clean win too. The whole Nash breaking Goldbergs streak with under handed tactics always tarnished that story.