Charly Caruso ‘Gross’ Remark Angers Vince McMahon?

Damian Priest has a good few names that people call him. One of them is D.P., but it seems that name makes people think of something else entirely and it is not appropriate for WWE’s PG product. This seems to have affected Charly Caruso’s WWE career, with Vince McMahon and WWE management being upset.



According to a report by PW Insider, Kevin Patrick replaced Charly Caruso the week after she made a very raunchy joke. It was suggested that Damian Priest change his nickname to D.P and Caruso said “I like D.P.”

On Monday 3/8, Kevin Patrick was announced as signed by the company and immediately took over as the host of Raw Talk. The previous week, Kayla Braxton filled in for Caruso. [Two weeks] before that, Caruso, during the [2/08] episode of Raw Talk, joked that she “liked DP” when co-host R-Truth referred to Damian Priest as “D.P.” Caruso has not appeared on Monday night programming the last few weeks as Patrick, Braxton and Sarah Schreiber have been handling interviews on Monday Night Raw.

Charly Caruso had been on the receiving end of backstage heat in WWE in recent weeks now. It seems all of this might be leading to her leaving WWE and going elsewhere.

For those who do not know, DP is a sexual innuendo and one can search for it on the Internet in case one is curious.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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