Chris Benoit & Lacey Evans Bombshell Claim Revealed

Lacey Evans recently found herself in the midst of controversy after adopting elements of Sgt Slaughter’s iconic gimmick without his consent. This move attracted significant attention and even prompted Sgt Slaughter himself to address the issue in interviews, expressing his disappointment at Evans for disrespecting him by imitating his act.



The of Ringside News, Steve Carrier, took to Twitter to share information he received from a reader. According to Carrier, Sgt Slaughter made an appearance on Busted Open Radio and revealed that Lacey Evans was utilizing the Cobra Clutch, a move closely associated with him, without seeking his approval. Sgt Slaughter expressed his dismay at Evans’ lack of respect in appropriating his gimmick without obtaining his permission.

The tweet by Carrier caught the attention of Lock Betting, a Twitter account known for its outspoken commentary. In a scathing response, Lock Betting remarked, “See Chris Benoit knew how to respect the business. When he was thinking about what he wanted to do, he called Jimmy Snuka first to make sure he was stealing his gimmick. Jimmy was fine with it. These punks these days don’t respect those who paved the way.”

Lock Betting’s tweet drew a comparison between Lacey Evans and the late Chris Benoit, infamous for his involvement in a tragic incident. The comment highlighted Benoit’s purported professionalism in reaching out to Jimmy Snuka to seek permission before incorporating elements of Snuka’s gimmick into his own. The implication was that modern-day wrestlers, including Evans, lack the respect for those who paved the way in the industry.

Surprisingly, Sgt Slaughter responded to Lock Betting’s tweet with a simple but telling statement, “Amen, brother.” His response appeared to endorse the notion that Chris Benoit handled such matters in a more respectful and professional manner compared to Lacey Evans.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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