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Chris Jericho on why he won’t be using the list of Jericho gimmick anymore

Chris Jericho

While Chris Jericho has been busy outside of WWE, there are people who still hope to see him return to the company in near future especially since the WrestleMania season is coming.

However even if he does return to the company for another run, we won’t be seeing the list of Jericho he made famous during his last stint with WWE anymore.

Jericho was recently interviewed by Impact Backstage announcer Alicia Atout and while talking about the list gimmick, Chris explained why he won’t do it anymore:

I hate to say it, but if I go back to WWE there won’t be a list. It doesn’t feel right anymore. You have to [reinvent yourself], so for me to walk out there and put someone on a list again, it just feels like “Oh, that’s so 2016.” It was a huge thing, people want to see it, but I can’t allow myself to not be creative, and that’s why I love working in New Japan.

Apart from this Chris Jericho also talked about his recent Cruise of Jericho and revealed the one time his attempt to reinvent his character fell flat. You can check out his full interview in the video below:

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    He probably be back in the WWE sometime in the New Year.

  • CC

    i am sure he will be mortified with this news


    the outfit jerocho wears in njpw is ugly cant take him serioously