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Chris Jericho says WWE stars can’t wait to vent like Jon Moxley did

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I agree but also add if AEW don’t build it own stars it will end up like TNA. AEW said they were going to be different but we will see.

  • Soulshroude

    Takers already on his way out, try again.

  • Luke

    Lol Reigns…behave. WWE borna and bred and pushed to the moon on multiple occasions, plus making a ton of money from merchandise. He’s not going anywhere. Neither is Taker.

  • Dirt McGirt

    You are correct in that there are only so many spots, but much like when TNA started, there are ALOT of guys in AEW right now who do not belong in a top tier company, but they are the names available currently. Think Super Smash Bros will still be in AEW in 3 years? What about Darby Allen? You think people are lining up to see him? No. Once WWE contracts start running out, the Jungle Boys and Joey Janellas will start moving down the card and out the door as guys like the Revival and Rusev make the move to AEW and get pushed properly. And yes, SOME people have been blowhards for AEW which, up until last weekend, was nothing more than a T-shirt company. You have to realize though that it has been almost twenty years since ANYBODY has been able to take it to Vince in any sort of meaningful way and the WWE product has been so terrible lately, it’s reach 1995 levels of bad. People are DESPERATE for ANYTHING meaningful that they go all in, no pun intended, on what seems to be a true alternative.


    This site is turning into such a blow hard site for AEW.. I want to see AEW take off and become really successful as well as competition will only improve the overall product. Seriously tho, it’s like you guys think everyone who’s unhappy in WWE is just gonna jump ship and things will magically be all better. There’s only so many spots for everyone there too until some guys aren’t used right and complain as well. Can’t please everyone.
    AEW is the shiny new toy in town but I wanna see how it is 6 months from now. WWE definitely has to fix a lot of things but it will only get better now with some competition.

  • Mike the Ike

    Can’t wait for Rusev and Mike and Maira, to a lesser extent, to do post-WWE shoots. I look at that roster and I see easily 20 people not being used properly that I would love to see in AEW or New Japan. I know AEW doesn’t want to sign WWE cast offs, but there’s a big difference in signing a guy like Nakamura when he leaves WWE and TNA signing guys like Trent Beretta and Chavo.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    Samoa Joe, Mike and Maria, Breezango, Lashley, EC3, Eric Young, No Way Jose, Ricochet, Robert Roode, The Revival, and that’s just the RAW brand.

  • Kristopher Robinson


  • Soulshroude

    Taker, Reigns and Ziggler for starts and Angle along with one of the women.

  • oppa

    Could be any number of people at this point. I think the Revival will be the most interesting interview. And my guess is AEW will use TIJ as a platform to help introduce people and let them vent.