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Chris Jericho talks about never having trouble upsetting Vince McMaon

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho signed a lucrative deal with All Elite Wrestling and he fully believes in the promotion. He has a lot of experience with Vince McMahon and never had any trouble making his opinion known.

While Jericho did speak to Vince McMahon before signing with AEW, that did not prevent him from joining the promotion.

As Jericho spoke to Busted Open Radio, he revealed that he never had any problems in upsetting Vince McMahon, as he always fought for what he believed in.

“I don’t see it as causing problems. I see it has standing up for what I believe it. Ruffling feathers. That’s what does Vince does. He ruffles feathers. He always says ‘I don’t play well with others’ I don’t either. I don’t need somebody, and this is no disrespect to anybody, telling me what to do when they haven’t accomplished what I’ve done. And who tell me what to do when my idea is better and I know it.”

“That pisses people off but it also gets results. I think that’s one of the reason why I’ve done so well there. I didn’t have a problem standing up for what I knew was right. And I also did know how to back off.”

Jericho will be facing Kenny Omega at AEW’s Double Or Nothing event on May 25th.

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