CM Punk Calls Top WWE Name ‘Racist’

There have been many stories heard about Jim Cornette and current AEW star CM Punk. It turns out Jim has been putting over punk when his podcast started and recently for his comeback.



CM Punk calls Jim Cornette racist

During Busted Open podcast and Oral sessions podcast, Punk seemingly praised and criticized Cornette. On Busted Open, he had mentioned that Cornette did not like him as a performer initially and didn’t want to use him when he was in developmental, but then went on to say Dusty, Harley Race, Terry Funk, Heyman etc. loved him so that made him feel what he was doing was right. AEW All Out ‘Multiple’ Surprise Debuts Leak

He went on to talk about fellow AEW star Orange Cassidy and said he didn’t get it at first but the fans love him so it is a no-brainer to back him and support him.

Then on Oral Sessions podcast, the former WWE Champion talked about himself finally getting over and WWE people in power looked at him. The host Renee Young had said she remembered things like this when she was in production and see people get buried.

Then spoke about Cornette and said he loved Jim (Cornette), and does his voice saying “I don’t get it, get it off tv” but then Punk put over Orange Cassidy again. Punk said something along the lines of it reminded him of when he first showed up in WWE and he does an impersonation of what sounded like Michael Hayes or Cornette saying “I don’t get it” and punk said “well you’re 65 and your racist. It’s unclear for sure who Punk was talking about.

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