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CM Punk Cuts a Promo After RAW, Jim Ross Comments on His WWE Return

  • Kris

    evryone needs to remember Punk’s contract actuaaly runs thru Summerslam

  • Valo487

    My biggest gripe with him coming back so soon is I’m certain WWE will still try to push Cena as the face, despite the fact that this is the second high profile opponent he’s faced that has been more over than him. WWE brings this on themselves because they just can’t stand to let a storyline develop with panicking and putting the title back on Cena. He doesn’t need the title to get over!! These days, he’s lucky to be over at all.

  • ML

    Cena tries to act like it doesn’t bother him when people don’t like him,but it looks like it does actually bother him.

  • Paul

    I was there last night he didn’t cut a promo he simply said” I’M BACKKKKK!” and left.

  • Notingham

    Again.. Some storylines can be made BETTER by the absence of someone. Punk having shots here and there would be more effective. It would lead to a longstanding issue that could be worked as not only a feud with Cena, but the entire company.

    Cena or Ray could have lost the belt to someone and then Punk is doing videos about how they are on their 3rd fraudulent champ since he left or whatever. I ust don’t get how having him back so soon enhances the story at all.

    Who knows.. Maybe he won’t have resigned… maybe he just could say he was discussing it and was there for the one shot. Bleh..

  • Mabry

    @ Mr.Stonewall, i really hope youre right about this, just remember that there is a big chance of WWE droping or messing this story and giving more championship time to Cena, leaving Punk aside with jet another crappy title reign….

  • Mr.Stonewall

    Honestly, I don’t see why everyone is so upset with Punk being back so soon. Punk is on fire right now and if he’s kept off TV for a few weeks then there’s a good chance he can lose a lot of that momentum. WWE need to capitalize on Punk now and not later.

    Also, it seems everyone is forgetting that Punk was legitimately leaving WWE. That’s why that whole angle was brought up in the first place. Since Punk has actually re-signed with the WWE now, why would they want to keep him off of TV? It makes no sense. And I’d much rather Punk be back now, because I really think that WWE is going to start pushing Punk as another one of their “Golden Boys”. So that means we’ll have Punk and Cena both on RAW, and Cena will be giving less time to make more room for Punk. Isn’t less Cena what everyone wants?

  • Jon
  • Terry

    ok cm punk should not have came back that early its like what was the point of leaving. And way 2 screw Rey mysterio again WWE hey wins first wwe championship and u have 2 take it away from him in the same night its like what was the point of having that wwe title tournament if ur just gonna have Cena win total bullshit

    Rey deserves a rematch at summerslam and he better win or fans r just gonna boo Cena more

  • The Killswitch

    Who has footage of this promo?

  • Jon

    Actually all you guys don’t give up hope on Punk new storyline, actually what to see it even though he came back quickly.

    If this show WWE, it shows that the kids or really little Jimmy’s need to stay home and parnets need to say wrestling is for adults or for kids that handle the risk wrestling can bring ex: blood etc,etc. I am tired of seeing no action in WWE and Cena getting huge pop by children. I wish WWE would swich there rating so real wrestling can come back and all the kids can be gone. Just hopefully Vince is listening because he still in charge.

  • Mabry

    Am dissapointed… first Cena is champion again, then Punk returns…. what happens now problably is that Punk vs Cena is gonna happen at SummerSlam and Cena is gonna win… then Punk will loose to Cena a couple more times and will start a feud with Rey, and will probably loose it too…. hope am wrong, am just pissed, he should have return in a couple more months… so much for the bigest storyline in years…


    notingham r u drunk?

  • Notingham

    Agree Samo..

    And actually Ryan… No…I have little to no interest in Summer Slam right now. Now maybe Punk does some amazing work leading up to it… But I feel the storyline is ruined.

    Now it’s just some routine I’m the champ.. No I’M THE CHAMP angle that we’ve seen before. Punk could have done so much more with very limited doses scattered over some time. And honestly, has he had any sort of break since joining the company? Some time away would have made his value gone up.

    So now I have what at SS? Punk Cena.. Just saw it under more intense and intriguing storyline. Truth Vs. Morrison.. YAWN… Christian V Orton in some form of super stipulation/cell match (again, seen it like 5 times now)…. a womans title match… and Alberto Del Rio boring the crap out of me in some fashion. Yup.. must see TV

  • Sammo

    @Ryan – you’re not seeing the bigger picture.

    CM Punk could have just teased that he would be at Summerslam through other media outlets and that alone would make wrestling/CM Punk fans fork out for the event to see what unfolds. Why stick to tried and tested formulas? (which seemingly haven’t been working lately for WWE anyway, looking at recent PPV figures)

    This was a chance for WWE to try something genuinely different and they’ve bottled it. If Punk constantly mocked the WWE through other media over the course of a few weeks/months, playing up the fact that he’s the champion and he’s quit the company, it could have opened up the product to whole new audiences and generated all sorts of attention.

  • Ryan

    right so now punk is back it doesnt make you want to order summerslam? give me a break! MITB was so good if they kept punk off of summerslam imagine what the ppv sales would look like for it, this time as well the uk would be included we were only lucky to get mitb for free but im defiantly going to order summerslam knowing there is going to be some good punk storyline that can be set up and continue rolling onwards.

  • Notingham

    Couldn’t disagree more PATON.

    Would have made ten times more sense to do some pop ins with Punk or something here and there. Have him constantly needling WWE that he is the REAL champ. That everythng they are doing is fake etc. It could have lead up to a great feud/moments.

    Having him back a week later is just dumb. It makes a angle that seemed very real to many fake.

  • Paton

    Punk is money NOW. Makes perfect sense to have him back, I just hope they have a decent excuse for it next week

  • rick

    I agree, imagine the pop punk would have got if he returned in 3 months or so. They have no patience. By the way didn’t punk want a break.

  • CenaSucks

    Pissed off that Punk is back. One effin week, what was the point in this bullshit if he was just going to come back one week later. Why not leave him off for a month or two and have him return at a PPV.

    What no champ vs champ? Yeah that makes fucking sense

  • Sammo

    Stupidly rushed storyline.

    They should have kept Punk off WWE TV until at least past Summerslam and let expectations and anticipation snowball.

    A few weeks ago on RAW Punk made fun of the fact that whenever Cena is “fired” it doesn’t mean a thing – but for him to claim he’s leaving WWE with the title only to return 2 weeks later is not really any different.

  • CiB

    Punk was more over than Cena in Cena’s hometown.

  • d

    Lol honestly when punk held up his title right after cena and got the louder ovation cena looked aggravated…… it made me laugh I’m so sick of cena being the champion

  • charlie

    He always been my fave