CM Punk Discusses Changing WWE, Alberto Del Rio, RAW’s Mystery GM and More

– WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on 98 Rock in Baltimore, Maryland earlier this week. Below are some highlights and the embedded audio:



* Punk said more of the same about The Rock returning to WWE and then leaving again. Punk expressed frustration that he’s the only person in the locker room pissed off about it.

* Punk talks about changing WWE and thinks he still has years left to get it where he wants.

* He said there was a plan for the RAW General Manager to be revealed but wouldn’t say who.

* Punk said Alberto Del Rio was a victim of the system and should have won the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania. Punk added that WWE is notorious for “cutting the throat” of some of their younger talents.

* Punk admitted he is beat up but not in “crippling pain.”

* The WWE Champion said he is not in a relationship and is single.

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