CM Punk Leaks First AEW Return Photo

Cm Punk just gave us all a very cryptic message which may or may not pertain to his return to the ring. CM Punk was recently said to have “officially” signed an AEW contract, but he has denied the claims and went around such claims. Reddit has now begun to pick apart CM Punk….Triple H ‘Secret Meeting’ With CM Punk Leaks.



Redditors were chock full of ideas as they had the following to say about the very cryptic message that Punk left for everyone on his Instagram story which featured the silhouette of Batman. One Reddit user exclaimed : “Fun fact: Chicago was the city used to portray Gotham City in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight series.”

Another Redditor stated: “PUNK is the hero the wrestling world deserves and needs right now !! A slient guardian and watchful protector for 7 years. It time for the dark knight to rise.”

One even chimed in to get deep into thought: “For those unaware this is the cover to the story “The Dark Knight Returns” about an older Bruce coming out of retirement to suit up again.”

Lastly, one user simply said: “Lightning…rampage…” (pertaining to AEW Rampage)

We will have to see if Punk truly is making his way back to the ring and into AEW. Shoutout to Reddit.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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