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CM Punk Sees No Reason For A Working Relationship With WWE

  • millerj265

    I keep looking but….. Nope…. No cm punk…. It’s 2016….. And your wrong again. Good thing you stopped posting comments because every single one of them were useless and void of any logical opinions.

  • The Killswitch

    You know, I’m at a bit of a loss. I clearly commented on the wrong article and comment, but I don’t know which one it was intended for. My phone does strange things sometimes…

  • D2K

    That’s interesting information. Only has an obscure relevance to what his point was though. Every time Punk opens his mouth now he further buries himself in all this as a guy that took his ball and went home because WWE did not do this HIS WAY when HE wanted them to. Again, the stuff he’s crying about have been common place in professional wrestling as long as he has been alive (he’s the same age I am and they have been going on as long as I have been alive.) None of this stuff bothered him enough to quit when HE was in the main events all the time and when HE held the WWE title longer than anyone since Hulk Hogan. Yeah. He definitely was given the shaft. *rollseyes*

    I’m through with dude. For real. I gave him the benefit of the doubt longer than anyone. Now IMO, Phillip Brooks really is acting like a “Punk.”

  • Dave

    Wow what a shock he wanted to be a maineveter for a PPV that’s why he left. There is a reason why he wasn’t and maybe it’s because of his attitude towards it.

  • Andrew

    Legitimate points and totally respect your opinion. I agree as well, but I also disagree. I can say he does act as if he does deserve everything but, on the same accord, at that given point, he did deserve it. The reactions from his matches, his work ethic, his merch. sales, etc., he did everything he possibly could in the WWE spectrum (heck, he made it work in WWE(CW), which says a lot lol). Yeah, his attitude doesn’t exactly shout “team player”, but if you’re given a chance to be the “face” but you’re really covered by the “mask” that is John Cena, naturally you’d feel a bit aggravated that you’re not allowed a chance to be the best that you were “given” (I say “given” because he really wasn’t given that chance). I agree it is “sour grapes” but it’s justified. Punk has the skills and the confidence in himself and yet he doesn’t COMPLETELY have the complete ego that someone like Hogan or Nash had. Punk has gone to bat for some people, like Ryder and Bryan, so there IS a sense that he’s willing to do the right thing if necessary for the business (at least that’s my opinion on it).

    Also, you’re definitely right on the other stars as well and I do agree to an extent. I will have to debate on Ziggler, Benoit and Eddie to an extent, Drew and definitely Ryder however. Ryder’s entire persona to date has been his complaint on not getting “over” and not getting chances, hence the online shows and most of his Twitter feed. Ryder’s ONE mistake was giving his show over to WWE, which all but silenced the one reason he got noticed unfortunately. His second attempt to revive that ‘lightning in a bottle’ failed and fans started turning on him because he lost all his momentum. The only reason his grievances aren’t noticed is because of his star power or, dare I say, he’d be the same as Punk if the roles were reversed. Drew, at a very brief point, did complain that his push faltered from being “the Chosen One” but that wasn’t really much outspoken and Drew went back to ICW (did I get that right?) after, where he’s enjoying an increase in star power and has a better platform. Ziggler had always done interviews in the past about not being used well (at one point, even being in the ‘doghouse’ for it until fan support and ring ethic gave him more of a push). Benoit and Eddie, to a lesser extent than Punk, did the same thing Punk did in WCW (heck, most of WCW’s roster that was being rooted by management did to this day), leaving to find better opportunity in WWF. Honestly, it almost seems, in terms of WWE-start careers, all three (Punk, Benoit, and Eddie) took the same path en-route to the top titles in their respective eras, but that’s a totally different topic altogether.

    I’ll definitely agree that WWE pretty much made Punk what he is though and it is pretentious to assume he deserves what he gets because HE thinks he’s the best but I can definitely see his gripes as justified, on the same accord. Just my 2 cents, Kristopher, and Merry Christmas, buddy!

  • The Killswitch

    To be able to own the rights to their own name to use it however they choose. That’s why a performer will almost never keep their name when moving between companies.

  • claud3giroux

    I don’t get why people make a big deal out of punk. He’s not a hot button issue. Do you know how many wrestlers do exactly what he did? Too many to count. The wrestling world is full of prima donnas. He’s old news, and I’m happy he left. It made more room for the future superstars of the company like ziggler, ambrose, wyatt and rollins to get more main event time.

  • ryan

    Can’t believe it. WWE actually had someone that literally is the oldest baby in history to wrestle in their company. My god what a baby.

  • JohnCena33

    See you in 2016 Punk. You will come crawling back to WWE after getting beat up in UFC.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    While I agree, I disagree. But I am a different fan then you explain. Personally I have disliked Punk since he “left” the first time and then become more so of not a fan after I watched his documentary. Look I get it, he wasn’t main eventing, he wasn’t champion when he felt it was nessacary, he was push to the side quite a few times, I get it. But Ya know what, like Bret, he feels that he deserves everything, just bc HE thinks he’s the best. I’ll said this once and I’ll say it over and over, Punk is not the only wrestler who is/was as good or better then Punk that has gotten thrown to the side; Ziggler, Christian, Ryder, Benjamin, Benoit, Eddie, Regal, Drew, DDP, etc. all these guys didn’t bitch and moan, they didn’t complain and talk down to a guy who lived his dream by main eventing WM27 bc Punk thought it should have been him. Phil Brooks or CM Punk are both grade A douche bags. The guy is a phenomenal wrestler, we know, but to sit there and gloat about it and put others down who you think you’re better then, to trash talk a company that made you who you are and are the only reason you were handed a UFC contract (for no reason) and just constantly complain bc you’re not on the ice cream bars, to that I say GFY CM Punk, we’ll do fine with out you! (Fyi I am not attacking you or your thoughts by any means Andrew, just my 2 cents).

  • Andrew

    and yet I’m sure you, among tons of others (including myself), were in support for the exact thing he mentioned in the interview before it suddenly became cool to join the “Punk’s a quitter/[insert anything here]” line and bash the man for anything he says past the Colt Cabana interview as “complaining/whining/etc.”

    I mean this very respectfully, and if it comes off jerk-ish I apologize. Yeah, it’s pretty redundant at this point to mention the WWE situation “as a whole” anymore and I’m not proclaiming the guy’s a saint or a victim or whatever, but the questions he was asked filled up some MAJOR holes that were left unfilled during his initial interview. I’m sure you remember when his merchandise suddenly dropped in price on WWE’s site and then, suddenly, they were selling Punk apparel again. Could that not be any indicator of a “working relationship” before he dispelled it? Could that not be an issue if he were to compete in UFC and then it comes to light that he’s been working with WWE in the background from this?

    Not to mention there was virtually ZERO mention of his leave from January up until November past “he was taking a sabbatical”. Last I checked, EVERYONE here was arms-up wondering what the heck happened. Then he FINALLY talks when things settle down, gives an in-depth interview and there’s closure but with some unanswered questions and now more answers are coming in bits and pieces but that’s complaining? I mean he had the company’s primary belt for over a year and yet he’s playing second fiddle to a man who (at that point of the storylines) he didn’t lose to on TV? Edge, RVD, Cena (ESPECIALLY Cena) and even Bryan all closed shows for the most part of their entire first, second or BOTH 1st and 2nd reigns and yet Punk almost always found himself mid-card during almost ANY primary title reign unless it was against Cena, Rock or Hardy. Is that not an unanswered plot that would need to be explored on both sides of the story?

    Punk may be far from a saint or not, I don’t know the guy personally, but, at this point, to call him a whiner or complainer for finally shedding light on a “hot-button” situation and then explaining things further is honestly a bit ignorant of the situation as a whole.

    Again, no disrespect, just an honest debate on your opinion.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    The more Punk talk the less people will like him. I can’t wait to see him get his clock clean in UFC oh it going to be sweet to see him knock out.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I know like enough with this crap they didn’t like you. They gave you the WWE title for a whole year longer then any other WWE wrestler in a long time what more does he want. When is it going to end with Punk.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Shut up, Punk. You’re worse than Bret Hart when it comes to complaining.