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Cody Rhodes claims they have big plans for AEW TV deal

Cody Rhodes All Elite Wrestling AEW Rally

AEW has already made a lot of headlines and with stars like Chris Jericho and Pac signed with the promotion even before their first show; they have definitely proven themselves to be a company worth keeping an eye on.

However, there are still a lot of speculations on whether or not the promotion will actually take off and many believe that getting a TV deal will be the most important factor for them.

The company’s vice president Cody Rhodes was asked about a possible TV deal after their Double Or Nothing Rally by Pro Wrestling Sheets and he claimed that they have ‘big plans’:

Yeah, we’re gonna try – again, real slow, we’re gonna stagger – obviously, to have Chris Jericho here today to give us what we call in the wrestling industry the rub and for him to, no pun intended, go all in with All Elite Wrestling – I want that to be the news today. So that meant we held some things back. Cause we want to do this slow, we want to do it correct. So you’ll probably get more tidbits… TV is massively important, but it’s not the end all be all because as you’ve seen with Being The Elite and the medium we have, but we have big plans.

Of course with Tony Khan being the president of the whole thing, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the company actually has some big announcement regarding a TV deal up its sleeves but the speculations will continue until they make things official.

  • CC

    Well seeing as we have been told that there have been multiple TV deals put on the table, either someone (Meltzer) has his facts wrong, or all of the AEW guys are keeping their cards held close to their chests.

    The signing of names like Jericho and Pac ahead of any TV announcement is obviously a way to raise their value to any potential network.