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Cody Rhodes claims they haven’t talked to any contracted talents

Cody Rhodes All Elite Wrestling AEW Rally

The internet has been flooded with the news of a number of WWE talents being unhappy with the company and wanting to get out of their contracts in the past couple of weeks.

With the recent rise of AEW, these reports have obviously sparked speculations that these talents might be looking to sign with the company with some believing that the company might have offered them lucrative deals to leave WWE.

However, during a recent interview on the Breaking Kayfabe Podcast, Vice President Cody Rhodes discussed how in his new role he has to be careful about talking to contracted wrestlers and claimed that he has been busy communicating with independent wrestlers:

“It’s been tough because when you’re just one of the boys, you can talk to anybody. But in this new role, legality is incredibly important and we want to be on the up and up. We try to be very careful about making sure we’re not talking to anybody who’s under a specific deal, make sure they’re aware this is why we can’t talk to you. The thing that surprised me a great deal is, we haven’t really had to communicate with anybody on that level because there’s so much fresh, independent talent”

Continuing on the topic, Rhodes said that he has been getting a lot of suggestions regarding talented indie wrestlers ever since their recent Double Or Nothing rally.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    Lol who cares if he has or hasn’t. They’re just “independent contractors”. Kenny Omega being under contract never stopped WWE from offering them deals.

  • AEW 4 LIFE

    AEW will have more of an ECW flavour and will not be a PG product like WWE is. It’s something that wrestling fans have wanted for a very long time now. AEW will be fresh and have its own unique flavour and look to it and signing the likes of CM punk and having stars like Finn balor and AJ style to name a few will really help to Secure a big money television deal. WWE knows this and they are very concerned.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Just because HHH say he keeping an eye on AEW doesn’t mean he is concerned. AEW could very well have a hard time getting people to watch AEW.

  • CC

    The thing is this though, he said that talking to guys already under contract elsewhere can create issues, and then says for that reason he has not spoken to anyone. If you think about it though, if he had spoken to anyone he would still say he has not spoken to anyone as he would not want to create an issue.

    Not gonna call him a liar on this for sure, but its much the same as when people ask Jericho if he is returning to WWE (prior to this AEW deal of course) or if any specific wrestler is going to appear in the Royal rumble. The questions are pointless as you are always gonna get a no. If its not true, then they can be honest, if its true they are not allowed to say, so you get the same answer.

  • AEW 4 LIFE

    Once AEW gets itself a big TV deal then I think a lot of WWE talent will request the release a d head there. They could potentially make double the money at AEW and get Health insurance also and work on a lighter schedule. HHH has come out and said that he is keeping an eye on AEW so he is obviously concerned about them.