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Pro Wrestling Tees clears AEW – CM Punk rumor


While AEW has made some impressive moves and signed some great talents in a very short period, their roster is by no means complete, and they need a lot more star power to actually be able to compete with WWE.

People have been discussing which other talents the company could be signing in coming months, and one of the biggest names who is part of this discussion is none other than the former WWE Champion CM Punk.

These rumors became a hot topic of discussion recently when a fan made the following tweet which seemed like a copyright claim from ProWrestlingTees and AEW to stop selling merchandise related to the Best In The World:

This tweet went viral and made such buzz that Pro Wrestling Tees had to reply to it and they claimed that the whole thing was not related to AEW in the manner people believe:

How much this clarification will affect the rumors will be seen in the future and it’d be interesting to know if AEW has actually tried to communicate with Punk on any level.

  • Anutosh Bajpai

    Another one has been filed by Cabana

  • Soulshroude

    The lawsuit was dropped/settled last month.

  • Robert

    Only scenario Punk goes to AEW is to be on their color commentary team.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    CM Punk is not the best in the world at anything anymore. He getting his butt kick twice in the UFC and if AEW looking at somebody like Punk it tells me AEW is already to desperate which is bad.

  • AEW CM punk mark

    Wow just wow !!! I think that you need to walk into a bathroom a seriously flush yourself down the toilet because you are a POS for saying that. CM punk is a huge draw and a huge money making for any wrestling Company especially AEW. He would definitely be there number 1 pick any day.

  • rob

    Why people want this guy back, he was awful , everything he does in the ring looked sloopy as hell, i don’t think he’s gonna be any even now that he’s older

  • oppa

    Punk has been rumored to have turned them down already. My guess is if he would sign, it wouldn’t be until after the Colt Cabana trial is over, and if he does sign then Colt won’t be going there anytime soon.

  • AEW 4 LIFE

    CM punk could make HUGE money in AEW !! Probably around 3.5 million a year. AEW have a fat check book and have some serious COIN that they can offer. I don’t think it will be long before some big names in WWE jump ship and head to AEW.