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Cody Rhodes defends WWE, says they didn’t waste him

Many feel that Cody Rhodes was underutilized during his run in the WWE. Especially since he’s captured the ROH World Championship and the NJPW US Championship after leaving a few years ago, fans believe that the American Nightmare should have won the WWE Championship at some point.

Rhodes responded to a fan on Twitter who was claiming that the company gave him a great run, and agreed.

Not only did Rhodes hold Intercontinental and Tag Team gold, but he was involved in some big storylines over his 10-year run with the company, including teaming with Ted Dibiase Jr. and Randy Orton in the stable of multi-generational stars known as Legacy.

Between that, his feuds over the Intercontinental Championship and his multiple great tag team run, including multiple victories over the Shield during the group’s original run, it’s hard to say that Rhodes was misused, even if his run as Stardust left a lot to be desired.

What are your thoughts on Cody Rhodes? Did the WWE miss the mark with him? Let us know in the comments below.

  • CC

    I think the problem is a lot of fans seem to think he should have been world champion at some point in WWE, but I have always disagreed with that. He was good, but was certainly not main event material when he was in WWE. Cody has even said himself since leaving that he was as much to blame for never getting that far in WWE as the bookers were.

    It was only after they gave him the Stardust gimmick, that he was not happy with, that he finally decided to go off and do his own thing. The Cody we see now did not exist in WWE, and I do not even think Cody knew himself that he had this in him.

    If he went back now, he could certainly be seen as a main eventer on merit, and if WWE did not do that then finally people could say that he was squandered.

    Cody in WWE was a good upper mid carder, no more than that.

    Of course fans know more than Cody himself, and will say that he was a main event material in WWE. And Cody has no reason to be civil about WWE if he felt they did him dirty.