Cody Rhodes New WWE Title Spoiler Leaks

Triple H has made several changes after taking the leadership of the creative aspect. Now, he is reportedly planning to change the design championshipship belt, with rumors of Cody Rhodes winning.



Triple H is changing the WWE title belt design

Hunter has reportedly approved the design of a new WWE World Championship belt, as per GiveMeSport.

WrestleVotes reportedly told GiveMeSport that a new World Championship belt has been created and is waiting to debut soon. This comes with intense speculation that Roman Reigns’ reign as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion will be ending this weekend at WrestleMania 39.

The main event of WrestleMania 39 on Sunday night will see Cody Rhodes challenge Roman for his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The match is the perfect opportunity for Triple H to dethrone Reigns, crowning Cody as WWE’s top champion.

WWE could usher in a new era with Triple H having a new title design approved.

“There’s a new belt. I don’t know for sure if it’s getting a new name. I don’t know if one of the titles is going away, but there’s a new belt that WWE has had made and the decision-makers have approved. Like, if they wanted to introduce it on TV tomorrow, they could. Those boxes are checked.”

It is still unknown when the new title belt will be introduced, but after WrestleMania 39 definitely seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. It is also still not confirmed whether or not the new belt is just a new design for one of WWE’s existing world titles, or if a brand-new championship is going to be introduced altogether.

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