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Cody Rhodes reportedly hyped himself regarding WWE offer

As reported earlier, Cody Rhodes made headlines recently by claiming he had turned down an offer from WWE. According to other reports, it was suggested that WWE offered a lot of money for Cody to return to WWE.

On  Oh, You Didn’t Know, Brad Shepard revealed that this might not actually be the case.  He mentioned that the initial report from Dave Meltzer said WWE was going to offer top main event money to Cody Rhodes to try and get him signed.

However, according to his sources, Cody was apparently hyping himself regarding the WWE offer. Meltzer was either doing him a favor or he was just given wrong information. Cody was definitely not offered millions of dollars.

So there seem to be two sides to this story and it is unknown which one is the truth. We might have only heard Cody’s version of the story. It is to be noted that it is unlikely that Rhodes would turn down an offer of millions of dollars from WWE if he really was offered that much.

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    And here we go again. Meltzer says this, Rhodes says that and Shephard says something else.
    Just another reason that these stories should be taken with a pinch of salt.