Cody Rhodes Says He Is Done With Bullet Club

Cody Rhodes has been dropping hints about possibly leaving the independent circuit and it appears that these teases will only grow stronger as the date of his ROH contract expiration comes close.



It wasn’t long ago when Cody and the Young Bucks released a new shirt and tweeting about it from their Twitter account they claimed that it will be their last bullet club styled T-shirt:

Then when a fan recently asked Cody about any wrestler he would like to bring into the Bullet Club and replying to it the former NWA World Champion implied that he is no longer a part of the group:

All this and the continues teases on their YouTube series Being The Elite has kept this group in talks in recent times and made many wonder if they could be making their debut for WWE soon.

Do you think the Elite should join WWE or stay in the independent circuit when their contract expires? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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