Conor McGregor Drug Use Revealed By Pro Wrestler?

As if the world didn’t know that McGregor abused drugs. I think it’s safe to say, unless you live under a rock, or are completely oblivious to real life, that every sports performer at some time or another has abused drugs. It’s common sense. No human can maintain a schedule like these persons “naturally”, gain or maintain muscle mass and do so continuously. It is not possible.

According to Ringside News, MJF is one of the hottest acts in professional wrestling. This is absolute no true. He is the best. No one else is currently better. No wrestlers are on his level when it comes to mic skills. In-ring, well, that’s another matter. But it’s not really about in-ring anyway. It’s showmanship that truly counts.



MJF doesn’t shy away from confrontation and isn’t afraid to let others know precisely

what he thinks of them. Sound familiar?

This recently caused a spat with a UFC fighter, and now Conor McGregor is weighing in – Oh no. I’m scared.

Recently, MJF dogged Paddy Pimblett by calling him a “dollar store Conor McGregor”. Now Conor McGregor himself has hit back in favor of Paddy Pimblett by saying that even a dollar store Conor McGregor is still worth millions.

Along with a screenshot from a TMZ article, Notorious tweeted out a message of support for the Salt of the Earth’s new rival.

“A dollar store Conor is still worth millions! Let’s go young Paddy Pimb! Don’t know who this other clown is.”

It looks like the rivalry between MJF and the world of MMA is starting to pick up and even has McGregor involved now. We will have to wait and see if we get some sort of crossover in the near future.

If it does ever happen, expect MJF to use any underhanded tactic to destroy this “little man” and expose his alleged drug abuse all the more. Go for it MJF. MJF later accused McGregor of using steroids in a later deleted tweet. 

Robert Hadley
Robert Hadley
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