Conor McGregor Looks Pathetic Boxing In Garage Video

Conor McGregor has been out of the MMA scene for some time, but it seems like he may be thinking about a comeback at some point rather soon.



Not only as McGregor bulked up to what he claims is above 250lbs, but he also has been seen training more and more often at home and with others who have helped him along the way.

In a recent Instagram post, Conor is seen with two heavy bags against the wall as he is simulating an opponent up against the cage. Conor is then seen working the heavy bag a bit. He first throws his shoulder into the bags and then works punches to what would be the abdomen and head area.

As the video continues forward, he is throwing some high knees and kicks in as well. From the last time we saw Conor at a bulked up weight, he has dropped some weight and seems to be getting back into fighting weight classes. Overall, it does still seem like if he does go back to fighting; he will be moving up a class or two. Fans poked fun at McGregor for posting the video, with one top comment stating, “Bag won’t hit back 💀.”

Conor McGregor is estimated to be worth $200 million. Since the sale of Liverpool FC is expected to reach upwards of $5 billion, the UFC superstar definitely can’t acquire the club on his own, but he may invest.

Earlier this week, The Athletic reported that club owners Fenway Sports Group were putting the famed English Premier League club up for sale. The company purchased the English side in 2010 for $343 million.

Being a fan of Liverpool, himself, Conor responded to people who caught wind of the franchise being up for sale as they tried to nudge the former champ-champ to buy into it.

McGregor said: “I WOULD LOVE IT! I requested my information on this, yes. Soon as I heard. What a turn of events! What a club!”

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