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Cruiserweight star returns to 205 Live after injury angle

The Heart of 205 Live has finally returned! Mustafa Ali has been out of action for a few weeks now, with Drake Maverick barring him from competition until he’s medically cleared. However, Ali returned tonight to confront the man that put him out of action.

Hideo Itami had a cakewalk of a match tonight against local competitor Michael Blaise. While he got a few shots in on Itami, the deadly striker left him almost comatose. After a decapitating clothesline, a Falcon Arrow, and the GTS MK II, Itami dragged his opponent into the corner. In an all too familiar scene, Itami hit two hesitation dropkicks on the seated Blaise. However, before he could connect with a third, Mustafa Ali’s music hit.

Ali made his way to the ring only for Itami to run, leaving Ali to call him a coward on the top rope.