Dana White Fires UFC Star On His Birthday

UFC Executive Dana White might have to explain himself for this one! According to his coach at Xtreme Couture, Eric Nicksick, top UFC featherweight Justin Jaynes was cut on his birthday. Taking to social media via Twitter, Nicksick made the revelation when discussing the business practices of White and the UFC. Is Dana White losing this A-List star to Bellator?



The original tweet stated: “For all you young fighters out there, keep this in mind; Kai Kamaka III goes 1-2-1 in the UFC. 3 of the 4 fights were short notice fights. Just because you’re doing “the company a favor,” doesn’t necessarily mean it comes full circle when it’s renegotiation time. #itsonlybusiness

In the follow-up, Nicksick would reveal the shocking revelation: “Or how about our guy, @JustinJaynesMMA. Fights Camacho on 2 day notice . Tucker 3 weeks notice and cut to 145lbs. Benitez 2 weeks notice . Smith 3 days notice . Rosa 8 week camp. GETS CUT ON HIS BIRTHDAY. ”

Dana White recently suspended Jose Aldo from UFC. In other news regarding Dana White, during a recent interview with MMA Junkie Radio, Luke Rockhold stated that White created the narrative ‘for the fans to want to hate on fighters’. Credit to MMA Junkie for the following.

“Guys like (UFC heavyweight champion) Francis Ngannou are getting shelved for asking for his worth, and they’re creating interim titles, which is all bullsh*t,” said Rockhold, who won the Strikeforce middleweight title after the UFC bought the promotion in 2011. “I mean, this is the type of sh*t you have to deal with. I’m not always here for it. I’m not gonna be here for it. I’m gonna speak my mind exactly how I want, to say what I say, what I feel. Like it or not, f*ck, I’m here. I’m gonna respect myself publicly. I’m not gonna disrespect myself, which is what a lot of people do, which is the common narrative with the UFC and what Dana White has created – to shut down fighters and criticize champions..”

Rockhold continued: “The narrative that they’ve created is for the fans to want to hate on fighters, and it’s just bullsh*t. You’ve got to go out there, respect yourself, and get paid. This is the f*cking fight game. We’re the fighters, we’re the entertainment, and we deserve our worth.”

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