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Daniel Bryan defends Brie Bella from cyber bullies

Daniel Bryan has joined the rest of Brie Bella’s co-workers who have defended the Diva’s Champion. Brie botched the Yes Kicks last week, leaving Liv Morgan concussed.

Daniel Bryan took to Twitter today to remind the WWE Universe and wrestling fans that accidents happen and that even the best performers have caused injuries. Bryan even brought up points in his career where he was responsible for causing concussions.

Bryan specifically pointed to two matches in his career, where he left Randy Orton and Nigel McGuinness with concussions.

The former WWE Champion even brought up a recent botch similar to Brie’s where he kicked Andrade “Cien” Almas in the face. Bryan took full responsibility for the incident.

How do you feel about Daniel Bryan’s defense of Brie Bella? Does he have a point? Has the IWC been too critical of her?

  • CC

    #endcyberbullying ha ha ha

  • Steven Stevens

    You should tweet that to him, he might respond with 15 tweets.

  • Rinn13

    Sorry Bryan. You get points for doing what you’re supposed to do and defending your wife. But that doesn’t change the fact that it takes a special kind of awful, to KEEP kicking someone in the head after you’ve CLEARLY already knocked them out.

    “But I’ve gotta keep doing my SPOT!”

  • CC

    And the point still stands, what is the % of matches that Bryan has botched moves vs the % his wife has?
    And with Almas, he kicked him in the head, yes. Did he kick him in the head multiple times after he realised he had done it?