Daniel Bryan fights Adam Cole for NXT Championship on SmackDown, shocking victor emerges

As seen on this week’s episode of SmackDown, Daniel Bryan walked in looking for someone to fight. Bryan challenged Triple H to a match but the Game had someone else in mind to face the Leader of the Yes! Movement.



Triple H introduced the NXT Champion Adam Cole who immediately got involved in a tensed face off against Bryan. Bryan then proposed that Cole defend his title against Bryan in the main event of SmackDown and the Champ obliged.

So, in the main event of SmackDown, Daniel Bryan faced off against Adam Cole in a dream match for the NXT Championship.

The two men put up a jaw-dropping match full of amazing technical maneuvers and hard-hitting offense. However, after hitting his finish on Bryan, the NXT Champion Adam Cole got the surprising victory over the former WWE Champion.


After the match, Cole was joined in the ring by his fellow Undisputed Era member and North American Champion Roderick Strong along with a number of other NXT Superstars. Triple H got into the ring and issued a warning to RAW and SmackDown for Survivor Series and ended the show with one phrase – “WE. ARE. NXT.”


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