Daniel Bryan Reacts to WWE Fastlane, Dean Ambrose Claims Intercontinental Title Belt, Lana and Rusev

– WWE’s website has video of Tom Phillips interviewing Lana and United States Champion Rusev after last night’s Fastlane pay-per-view at this link. Lana said there was no controversy with Rusev’s win. She said John Cena gave up. Rusev said he did what he told everyone he was going to do – crush Cena.



– Phillips also spoke to Dean Ambrose after Fastlane at this link. Ambrose was still in possession of Bad News Barrett’s Intercontinental Title belt and said Barrett was left laid out so he should have won the gold. Ambrose said if he was Intercontinental Champion, he would stay in the ring and fight. Ambrose called Barrett a disgrace to Steve Austin, Pat Patterson and Bret Hart. Ambrose said we can go ahead and call him the Lunatic Champion of the world. Ambrose ended it by saying he’s going to defend the belt with his life.

– Finally, Daniel Bryan spoke with Eden after losing to Roman Reigns at Fastlane last night. Bryan said he failed to get back to headlining WrestleMania. Bryan said Reigns had more than he thought and proved himself. Bryan said Reigns was stronger, tougher and had more heart on that night. Bryan ended it by saying he has no excuses – he got beat.

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