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Daniel Bryan’s Concussion, Backstage Reaction to His Big RAW Moment, Rumble Match Nixed?

– Regarding Daniel Bryan’s concussion suffered on last week’s RAW, the feeling is still that it’s pretty serious. As noted, he was kept off this weekend’s live events and was at home resting.

Bryan managed to get through the match last week without missing any spots. However, at the end of the show when he was on top of the cage leading the “yes!” chants, right before the show ended Bryan suddenly stopped and sat there, looking around like he was unsure. A WWE stagehand laid on the ground, looked up at him and started gesturing for him to keep chanting. Bryan just looked at the guy seemingly completely confused. Bryan later told WWE officials that he barely remembered anything that happened in the cage.

Word going around this weekend is that Bryan’s planned Royal Rumble match against Bray Wyatt is off.

Backstage, Bryan’s big moment was a hot topic. A source said, “The whole backstage was in awe. Vince McMahon loves Bryan.”


  • joe

    Daniel bryan should just leave the wwe .wwe sucks canal water and he should join tna were it rules you assclowns

  • Sycho Walker

    They did it when Dolph Ziggler got Concussed a few week before a PPV and he was the World Champion.

  • Giraffe Siraffe

    Yeah, I remember when he kept screwing Steve Austin out of the title and ruining his payoffs. He sure hated Austin.

  • JohnCena33

    WWE would try to screw over the fans by not even mentioning if Bryan will be in the rumble. It is all about the money.

  • JohnCena33

    When did I mention Cena. Did you not read my post, I make no mention of Cena, so stop trying to cop out by saying I have no knowledge of wrestling just cause my username is johncena33, You just seem to insult peoples intelligence from a simple OPINION on a WRESTLING website. Grow up.

  • JohnCena33

    when the heck did I mention Cena? I DID NOT. I could care less if Cena is champ or jobbing, it is irrelevant, I am not mad about anything, so how about you get over it!

  • JohnCena33

    Funny how you think you are always right and act as you are god of wrestling. I guess since I dont like Bryan means no one cares about my opinion, if you dont care why bother responding?

  • what?

    Sorry but your buddy cena can’t have the spotlight all the time .get over it already

  • CC

    and thats why nobody cares about your opinions.

  • millerj265

    Well he was pulled from all live events this week and replaced by Big Show, and the wwe offered refunds because he wasn’t there. Cant see any other reason why they would pull him from the events other then a concussion or an injury that required immediate surgery. And there probably not reporting it because they are still going to use Bryan on raw, and they will still have him at the rumble, whether or not he can actually compete in the rumble remains to be seen, but wwe is rightfully high on him right now and they wont want to jeopardize losing rumble buys from fans who will be ordering because they think he has a legitimate shot at winning the match.

  • JohnCena33

    I dont.

  • JohnCena33

    Punks face and heel turns were actually worth watching, Bryans are not. He has no direction. Feuds with Cena, Orton, Shield Wyatts all in five months, really? So he is the guy being screwed over by multiple people, sure, tell me when he actually feuds with someone longer than a month, then has direction, till then he does not.

  • there is a fundamental difference between Byran Danielson and Ryback.

    The fans actually care about Bryan.

  • Sycho Walker

    Ok. I’ve been waiting days for WWE to comfirm that this is True and So Far nothing has come up from them on their Websites or by Daniel Bryan and when someone does get Hurt in the WWE they are the ones who Report it First or within the day it Happens. If it’s True they have this week on Raw to Add this to their Story Line so they can Wright him off but if they don’t then I’m calling Complete Bullshit on this Rumor.

  • Keith

    “No direction as a character” – His direction is the smaller guy who has been screwed over by management trying to prove that skill can overcome any obstacle.

    “Quick face and heel turns” – The only reason he was turned back to being a face so quickly, is because the fans literally refused to accept him as a heel. If you’re talking about his previous turns before that, CM Punk has had more in a shorter time, and I don’t see you complaining about him.

    “Lots of potential”. You’re right about that. Before he came to WWE, he was probably the best technical wrestler in the world. WWE turned him into one of the most entertaining on the mic, too. He is probably the most over wrestler in the world right now.

    Also, “Bryan is like Ryback”… that is a sentence that nobody should ever repeat again.

  • JohnCena33

    Bryan is like Ryback. He has no direction as a charcter, quick face and heel turns, lots of potential, but he will unfortunatley be another victim of wwe creative writing and the obsession of having big guys, hope he overcomes this though.