Del Rio Unmasks Cara, Foley Speaks on Punk’s Attack, JBL

– JBL briefly had reception on the mountain earlier today and posted the following tweets:



“2 more days till I have reception again, 5 days till summit. Let’s climb a mountain! @wwe #sevensummitsforkids”

“11,200 feet, been hiking 2 days through rain forest, on Shireau plateau. Make camp soon-5 more days to top of Africa! #sevensummitsforkids”

– Mick Foley spoke to the cameras after CM Punk attacked him at the end of last night’s RAW. Foley said he obviously touched a nerve with Punk earlier in the night. Foley said months from now people won’t remember the kick to the stomach, but they will remember his in-ring segment with Punk. Foley says Punk sent him a message and he got it.

– Alberto Del Rio accidentally unmasked Sin Cara during the six-man match on last night’s WWE RAW. You can see the photo below:

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