Deontay Wilder Exposes Anthony Joshua For Cheating

Deontay Wilder just made a very bold claim as he says he believes Anthony Joshua was created by his promoters, and he wasn’t born to be a champion.



To go even deeper into this, Wilder says Joshua’s management “bought” his belts, and as a result, he wasn’t ready for when he finally started fighting quality opponents.

The former WBC heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder made this comment about Joshua’s promoters at Matchroom. He stated that buying his belts is similar to what some boxing fans say about AJ.

To preface on this, earlier on in his career, they believe AJ’s promoter Eddie skillfully maneuvered him to capture belts that he otherwise wouldn’t have if he’d fought someone good.

When Joshua fought former IBF/WBA/WBO champion Wladimir Klitschko in 2017, he caught him when he was 40 years old, coming off a year-long layoff and a defeat against Tyson. As some would say, Wladimir was not the monster that he once was at this point. In fact, Mike Tyson had nothing but respect for the Klitschko brothers and said how great they were.

Some fans believe that the only reason Klitschko fought Joshua was for the big payday. In other words, it was a fight that Joshua wouldn’t have got if his name did not have some steam on it.

Wilder stated: “They made Anthony Joshua. They made him. We’re born to do it, not made. Even the Olympics, they gave him that [gold] medal.”

Wilder’s comment about the 2012 London Olympics is Joshua’s questionable win over Italy’s Roberto Cammarelle. Many fans saw that as a robbery, as Cammarelle appeared to get the better of Joshua in that Olympics, as did Cuba’s Erislandy Savon. Additionally, Zhilei Zhang and Ivan Dychko fought Joshua to a standstill.

He continued: “They bought a lot of the belts. The way they moved him and prepared him for certain moments, he was not ready for it. I’m willing and able for everybody. I still want to whoop that a**. I’m not going to rob the fans of not making that fight happen. I definitely want that fight to happen. I just wanna know if they’re for real.”

Rumor has it that Deontay and Klitschko did spar together once and Klitschko knocked him out only to leave him twitching on the ground.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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