“Tyson will put him in the intensive care unit, and I’m telling you now, Deontay, he’s not in the devil’s playground now, he’s not getting eaten alive by all those people, making your job easier. He’s got me now and we’re going to put so much work in to crush you my friend, it’s going to be untrue.

“So let me tell you, stock up on toilet roll mate because you’re gonna need it, because we’re training hard, we’re training to move mountains and you’re just a bump in the road my friend. You’re getting it you dosser, you’re a bum, and a horrible bum at that, you’re getting it pal. We’re putting the work in, this brain, Tyson’s brain, when we unite we’re unbeatable.

“Especially with somebody like you, a one trick pony, with those skinny legs underneath you. He’s gonna hit you that hard on the chin you’ll break them two chicken legs with one shot on your chin. And you will never box again, guaranteed that pal, take that onboard, you better do.”