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Details On Why Vince McMahon Think’s John Morrison Can’t be a Top Babyface

– Former WWE creative team member John Piermarini has started a blog ( in which he has released a ton of scoops regarding things that occured in the company during the two years he was employed. The blog has since been pulled (the Website does say it will be back soon) but we have managed to retain some of the things Piermarini said. Firstly, below is an excerpt regarding the mindset of Vince McMahon on Daniel Bryan and John Morrison:

“Vince’s philosophy on Daniel Bryan is he isn’t an ass kicker but he can beat you because he can capitalize on your mistakes. In this instance, it works. On the other hand Vince thinks John Morrison can’t kick anyone’s ass in a real fight therefore he can’t be a top babyface. Morrison has the chance to take the ball and run with it, but he is running uphill.”

  • RKOmonster

    John Morrison vs Christian in the future for the title.

    its weird though. so much talk on the internet about JoMo, but when i see the dude on tv. no cheers. anybody notice this?

  • Clara711

    @ Dave S. He really is! JoMo is fantastic! I love watching hit starship pain. It’s not about having guys who look like they have been hitting the roids. Just look at Rey Mysterio, a pudgy less than average height high flyer who is so over with the crowds, he can’t even take time off for injuries. JoMo has the potential to be a great star.

  • Dave S.

    Vince is so out of touch with his company.

  • shady

    Morrison is the next shawn michaels given the chance he will be greater than shawn, he has charisma, versatility to be one of the biggest stars ever in the WWE

  • Valo487

    Morrison is one of the most unique and innovative performers on their roster, and if they do the right things with him now he, The Miz, CM Punk, Ziggler, Del Rio and some others could become a great next generation, but they refuse to pull the trigger in a decisive way and no one gets over because the young guys don’t look strong hen they win by fluke or luck, and the name guys get the belt back in a few months anyway. You end up back at square one over and over.


    Further proof that Vince McMahon is a complete idiot who does not recognize good talent (i.e. Morrison and Christian). Both John Morrison and Christian could be great main-eventers. Hell even TNA saw main event talent in Christian, hence the fact that he was TNA champ on multiple occasions.


  • cyndi

    yall going to take what this guy says serious he sounds just like another bitter disgruntle employee to me

  • scooter

    bryan isn’t an ass kicker pretty sure bryans trained in a couple of martial arts could be wrong but I think he is

  • cena approved

    the biggest guys dont always win in real fights, remember booker t and batista?

  • Kim

    Morrison is great but in my opinion he needs something to get him to the next level. I don’t know what that is though maybe change his character abit or something.

  • Satan

    Since when did getting a push depend on if you look like you could kick ass??? this is pro wrestling is it not?? we all know they aren’t really fighting in the ring so it doesn’t matter who could really kick who’s ass the fans decide who gets pushed not Vince if Morrison is over which he is he needs to get a big push maybe even a heel turn to change it up i think he needs to go back to the shaman of sexy character that is more interesting than whatever he’s doing now in my opinion the character he has now only works with the “shaman of sexy” gimmick if not it becomes kinda boring. He’s still over though and needs to get pushed and Vince is talking about who can kick who’s ass wow this UFC stuff is really getting to him huh

  • In Grind We Crust

    wow fuck that noise. Morrison is pretty over as is. FOAD Vince.

  • goonderblonggee dang

    BULL SH! T!!! That little overrated past his prime midget needs to go away! I’m sick of seeing him in EVZRY advertised main event on Smackdown vs. Del Rio in a tag match. God lee man, just STOP IT! Plus, they let him win the Royal RUmble instead of a blood relative of Eddie like Chavo? AHAHAHHAHHAHHAH! He considers Morrision regular, and Mysterio an ultimate @$$ kicker LOL. What an idiot. Christian and Matt…Fat hardy deserved pushes a long time ago, but they were spitted on and buried in the crusty shadows of their former tag team partners like Marty Jennetty.


    the biggest guys dont always win in real fights, so why does it have to be different in wrestling circles, how can vince say morrison cant become a top bayface when its already been proved with smaller guys like hbk and rey mysterio

  • Shang1308

    Didnt Yoshi Tatsu beat Sheamus in a legit fight back in their FCW days!

  • Dan

    So he can’t be a top babyface, then make him a top heel and make him and Maryse the new power couple. The “Shaman of Sexy” and the “Sexiest of Sexy”.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    CM Mark I agree with you on that. HBK was a pretty boy but still got a push (well deserved IMO because he was a great performer). Morrison is a great performer and has a unique style. I think Vince is out of touch with what thte fans want.

  • CM Mark

    What about ol’ Loverboy Michaels. He doesn’t look like he could kick anyone’s ass either, and yet he’s some kind of god to Vinnie boy. Daniels(Danielson) will be just fine. Poor Morrison though, he needs to change him image so he doesn’t look so frilly. I think that would help him a lot. As long as Vince keeps pushing Punk I could really care less though.


    First of all even if that is true, Morrison is still currently getting a bigger push than Bryan. And second of all, seeing the shit morrison can do I probably wouldn’t want to get into a fight with him. Vince needs to get over that, I mean thats one of the reason christian isn’t world champ yet from what I heard. I mean just because they aren’t big guys doesn’t mean they can’t beat your ass or is over with the crowd. This guy is pretty much right, if you not HUGE or have great mic skills your hill just got a whole lot steeper. Mysterio is one of the lucky ones.