Details regarding Cain Velasquez’s WWE contract

Cain Velasquez finally made his WWE debut on this week’s episode of Smackdown Live on Fox. He confronted Brock Lesnar after Lesnar won the WWE Title from Kofi Kingston.



On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, details regarding Velasquez’s contract was revealed. There were reportedly a lot of “snags” in bringing Cain Velasquez into WWE. The company was so upset that word of Cain signing with WWE came out early, they had pulled the offer. It seems the deal was pulled on Monday before RAW started.

Meltzer noted that Cain had said in his ESPN interview that he was not signed with WWE yet. Meltzer was told from WWE that Cain had actually signed. This makes sense as the company would not run an angle as big as this if Velasquez was not signed to the company.

Velasquez will be facing Brock Lesnar in Saudi Arabia on October 31st for the WWE Title.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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