Details regarding WWE taking over Cameo accounts

As reported earlier, WWE will be taking over WWE Superstars’ Twitch and Cameo accounts in four weeks. Vince McMahon gave the order so that Superstars would leave third party sites.



A few WWE Superstars already started leaving Cameo, such as Roderick Strong and others. According to Wrestling Inc, WWE implemented some especially strict rules in the case of Cameo. The company is having Superstars sign over their Cameo accounts along with their Twitch accounts.

Superstars are required to affirm that WWE is their “authorized representation,” requiring them to authorize all payments they receive from Cameo to WWE. It was also said that Cameo will not be “made a party in any dispute between the talent and WWE.”

While the Superstars will be allowed to have their Cameo accounts, the company can pull authorization for that Superstar to have their Cameo account whenever they want. The money Superstars make from Cameo will be deducted from their downside guarantees.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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