Diddy Allegedly ‘Going Broke’ Because He…

Sean “Diddy” Combs appears to be encountering financial difficulties as substantial legal expenses accumulate and income from lucrative partnerships diminishes, according to analysis of his finances by The Post.



Despite living a lavish lifestyle akin to a high-profile rap star, Diddy, 54, faces mounting financial pressures amidst a sex-trafficking probe and civil suits. Recent events, including an FBI raid on his properties and ongoing legal battles, have intensified the strain on his finances.

The analysis estimates Diddy’s annual expenses at approximately $35 million, excluding any impact from undisclosed settlements. His representatives declined to comment on the matter.

Diddy’s financial challenges stem partly from the waning profitability of his lucrative deal with drinks giant Diageo, which had been a cornerstone of his wealth for nearly two decades. This partnership, which included ventures with Cîroc vodka and DeLeón tequila, saw significant cash flow until it faltered in 2023.

Moreover, Diddy’s familial responsibilities, including supporting seven children, four of whom are minors, and potentially funding several former partners, contribute to his financial burdens.

In addition to these factors, Diddy faces legal threats, including a lawsuit against his son Christian “King” Combs, accused of sexual assault in 2022, which he denies.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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