Diddy Dropped Racist Trump Bombshell In Video

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs discussed Donald Trump in a 2020 video, where racism was part of the discussion.



Former President and presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, urged Israel to swiftly conclude its military operation in the Gaza Strip and criticized the nation for what he deemed a significant misstep following the October 7 terrorist attack. In an interview with Israel Hayom, Trump emphasized the need for cessation of hostilities and the pursuit of peace.

While acknowledging the necessity of responding to the October 7 attack, Trump stressed the importance of concluding the conflict in Gaza. He cautioned Israel about losing global support and emphasized the urgency of transitioning to a peaceful resolution for the benefit of Israel and others involved.

Addressing concerns about rising antisemitism, Trump attributed its increase to the conflict in Gaza, expressing regret over the visual portrayal of bombings in the media and suggesting it was detrimental to Israel’s image. He acknowledged the presence of terrorists hiding in buildings but criticized the strategy of bombarding civilian areas, suggesting it contributed to backlash against Israel.

“You have to finish up your war. To finish it up. You gotta get it done. And, I am sure you will do that. And we gotta get to peace, we can’t have this going on,” said Trump. “And I will say, Israel has to be very careful, because you’re losing a lot of the world, you’re losing a lot of support, you have to finish up, you have to get the job done. And you have to get on to peace, to get on to a normal life for Israel, and for everybody else.”

After being asked how he would “counter the wave of antisemitism in the wake of the war’s outbreak” if he were to be elected president again, Trump attributed rising levels of antisemitism to the war in Gaza.

“Well, that’s because you fought back. And I think Israel made a very big mistake. I wanted to call [Israel] and say don’t do it. These photos and shots. I mean, moving shots of bombs being dropped into buildings in Gaza,” argued Trump. “And I said, Oh, that’s a terrible portrait. It’s a very bad picture for the world. The world is seeing this…every night, I would watch buildings pour down on people. It would say it was given by the Defense Ministry, and said whoever’s providing that that’s a bad image.”

Trump’s criticism of Israel coincided with his opponent in the 2024 presidential election, Joe Biden, directing the United States to abstain from voting on a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, a motion that passed.

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