Dixie Carter Named President Of New Company

The former TNA President Dixie Carter is currently the President of Panda Biotech. Panda Biotech opens its new hemp facility on Interstate 44 and it is touted to be the largest hemp gin in the nation. The Dallas-based company says it will convert hemp stalk into materials that can be used for everything from animal bedding to textiles. Dixie Carter previously opened up on Kenny Omega & AEW feud.



Dixie Carter is set to employ up to 100 workers

Company president Dixie Carter said the facility, the former Delphi factory, may employ up to 100 workers who will operate big machines to perform a process that may not be familiar to most Texans. It’s called “decortication.” Scott Evans, Panda’s executive vice president, said decortication means separating the components of hemp stalk. The decortication process separates the outer fiber of the stalk from the inner woody core.

“It’s been around hundreds if not thousands of years and we’re just kind or refining it and automating it and streamlining it with the equipment,” Evans said. “We’re buying the hemp straw or the stalk of the hemp plant and then what we do is decorticate that.”

Evans said the outer material can be used in applications such as animal bedding for coops or stalls and even as a concrete substitute. The inner pulp becomes material for textiles, rope, paper, and building materials.

Speaking about Carter, back in 2012, she had purchased the majority share of TNA from Panda Energy International, making her the majority owner. In 2016, Billy Corgan had succeeded Carter as president, with Carter becoming chairwoman of the promotion. After the restructuring period, Anthem Sports & Entertainment purchased the majority of the promotion from Carter. The promotion was subsequently renamed Impact Wrestling in 2017, and Carter would remain a minority owner until she left.

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