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Dolph Ziggler apparently threatened to leave WWE over match with Goldberg

  • D_Ohm

    I get not wanting to get squashed but it’s Goldberg. The quicker the match the less likely you’ll get hurt.

  • CC

    Worst business & career model would be WCW. Pay the wrestlers ridiculous ammounts of money and then give them creative control to book the company into the ground.
    Just out of interest which wrestlers are perfectly content to collect a pay cheque and sit around not wrestling? Because all the reports we keep hearing do not suggest anyone is content.
    You have the likes of Orton who are nearer the end of their career who want lighter schedules, so of course he is content to take as much money for as little as possible.
    But who else is that happy with not working? Rusev certainly wasn’t. Harper certainly wasn’t. The Revival certainly weren’t. They all made their voices heard when they were sitting around doing nothing.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Ziggler claiming he was going to leave WWE?
    Must be a day that ends in “Y”.

  • Rinn13

    And yet you have all these wrestlers who are perfectly content to collect a paycheck, even though WWE barely ever uses them. Worst business model, and worst wrestling career model I’ve ever heard of. MOST wrestlers become wrestlers because they want to, you know, wrestle.

  • CC

    If it is true how much they give him and what benefits he gets with being able to do outside stuff like comedy, I think he still has bargaining power but then again I think its the same with everyone these days. WWE do not want people in WWE so right now the talent has all the bargaining power and WWE has nothing.

  • BAE-LEY’s buddy

    Ziggler has long lost any bargaining power he may have had. He’s proven that they can do whatever they want with him and he’ll still stick around for the check.

  • Sparti Love

    Just go already