Dolph Ziggler apparently threatened to leave WWE over match with Goldberg

Goldberg’s match against The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia was met with a lot of negative backlash. He would then have a match against Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam, where he looked far better. However, Ziggler not all that happy with the fact that he lost in a minute.



Ziggler spoke to Alex McCarthy of Talk Sport, where he talked about the struggles he faced backstage with his Goldberg match. He wanted WWE to give him more to do, but the company just wanted Ziggler to lose to Goldberg in a minute.

“As a kid [I was a fan] but as a grown up I see these guys and I’m like, ‘Okay I’m here to do business and do special things — I try not to be the fan. I find out what the business is and I’m like ‘Cool this is the moment.’ And having that like ‘You’re the guy to do this. To set the record straight and give this guy this fantastic match. I’m like, ‘Fantastic.’”

“Then they go, ‘it’s gonna be bell spear’ and I go ‘Come on.’ So I fought all day long, threatened to leave, threatened to leave. Do anything I can do — ‘Give me two damn minutes!’ And I got a minute, whatever, what are you gonna do?”

Ziggler is currently a tag team with Robert Roode, but he certainly will not forget his match with Goldberg.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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