Did Dolph Ziggler botch the finish of his match with AJ Styles?

Dolph Ziggler defeated AJ Styles clean during this week’s episode of SmackDown Live. His victory shocked people as he ended up on the losing side at Backlash and not many expected him to beat a former WWE Champion clean just weeks after.



Bryan Alvarez speculated on the latest episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio that Ziggler might have botched the finish of the match which resulted in a clean victory for him.

According to the wrestling journalist, at the ending of the match, it appeared that the Former WWE Champion would put his foot on the rope. But when Dolph went for the pin, he grabbed Styles’ leg and so AJ wasn’t able to move his foot in the right direction.

Nonetheless, it’s been said that Ziggler had the victory coming in his way anyway, just the botched finish made it a clean one which otherwise would have been a controversial finish.

You can watch the video of the match below:

Do you think Dolph Ziggler botched the finish of his match?

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