Dominik Mysterio Was In Trouble With Vince McMahon?

WWE’s developmental brand, NXT, serves as a platform for the Superstars of tomorrow to perfect their craft. While many Superstars start their careers in NXT, some have had the opportunity to bypass the brand and head straight to the WWE main roster. One such Superstar is Dominik Mysterio, who skipped NXT and joined the WWE main roster. However, this didn’t stop WWE from considering an NXT run for the son of wrestling legend, Rey Mysterio.



Dominik Mysterio faced off against his father, Rey Mysterio, at WrestleMania 39, but their feud didn’t end there. As a member of the Judgment Day stable, Dominik is currently receiving significant screen time as the storyline between him and his father continues.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that there was serious consideration given to sending Dominik to NXT prior to the start of the Rey vs. Dominik storyline. It’s unclear how long his stint in NXT would have been, but the plans have since been nixed, and there is currently “no chance” of it happening.

While there are no plans to send Dominik back to NXT at present, it’s interesting to know that WWE was considering the option of having him spend some time in developmental to refine his skills before things really took off for him.

While there is no chance of this happening now, before the decision to start the Rey vs. Dominik program, there was serious thought given to sending Dominik to NXT


Harrison Carter
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