Donald Trump Cheating Emails Leak To CNN

Sources have informed CNN that Willis’ office is currently considering bringing a potential racketeering case against several defendants, and is actively deciding whom to charge. In relation to the Coffee County breach, Willis has issued subpoenas to a number of individuals, including the two men who carried out the breach and had contact with Penrose and Logan.



As part of her investigation, Willis has also subpoenaed Giuliani and Powell. CNN previously reported that Giuliani has been informed that he is a target in the Fulton County probe. The special grand jury convened for the case recommended multiple indictments in its final report, which was completed in February, according to the jury foreperson.

A source familiar with Willis’ investigation has revealed to CNN that her team possesses evidence indicating that Trump allies intended to use the breached voting data from Georgia to attempt to decertify the state’s senate runoff election. Emails obtained by CNN reportedly show that Penrose and Powell arranged payment in advance to a cyber forensics firm that sent a team to Coffee County on January 7, 2021.

It is worth noting that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is also looking into the Coffee County breach. In addition, Special Counsel Jack Smith seems to be examining the wider effort to breach or seize voting machines as part of his federal probe into the January 6 attack on the US Capitol and efforts to overturn the 2020 election. It remains unclear whether Smith has any evidence relating to the Coffee County breach.

Furthermore, Penrose and Logan have been named in a state-level criminal investigation in Michigan alleging that they participated in a conspiracy to seize voting machines there. Giuliani’s attorney declined to comment and referred CNN to his January 6 committee interview transcript. Finally, Powell, Penrose, and Logan did not respond to requests for comment.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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