Donald Trump Drops Third Term Bombshell

During a speech before the National Rifle Association, former President Donald Trump made a surprising remark about staying in office for three terms, despite the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against it. Trump referenced President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four-term presidency, noting FDR’s charisma and debating skills. He then pondered whether his own potential reelection would be considered a three-term or two-term presidency, suggesting that future historians might view it favorably.



Trump’s comments drew attention due to his previous suggestions about staying in the White House beyond two terms, a notion he had floated during his 2020 campaign. His recent remarks provided fodder for critics, particularly the Biden campaign, which seeks to portray Trump as a threat to democratic norms.

However, Trump has also made conflicting statements about this issue. In a recent interview with Time Magazine, he expressed his commitment to serving only four years and emphasized his intention to focus on improving the country’s trajectory. He dismissed the idea of changing the Constitution to retain power, stating that he wants to bring the country back on track and address its current challenges.

You know, FDR was a beautiful, had a beautiful patrician voice, magnificent voice, great debater, very smart man. You know, FDR, 16 years, almost 16 years. He was four-term, I don’t know. Are we going to be considered three-term or two-term? You tell me, Ronnie, what do you think, are we three-term or two-term, if we win. But think of it. They’re going to say wonderful.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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