Pink Floyd New 2024 Song Revealed In AI

A Pink Floyd reunion song in AI, ‘Paradox’ was created by AI and is here now to listen to.



The legendary band, Pink Floyd split several years back but they remain one of the most iconic bands of all time. The band almost always appears on charts all around the world and it shows that the fans are still in love with their unique style of rock music. While a reunion of the band doesn’t seem to be on the cards, the band’s drummer Nick Mason is interested.

In a new interview with Reuters, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason talked about the possibility of the group reforming. He revealed that he’s very eager for the reunion but feels his bandmates are probably far less raved with the notion of playing together again.

When asked if he’d be open to some kind of a reunion, Mason stated, plainly, “Oh yeah. I would.” That may sound like music to the ears of Pink Floyd lovers everywhere, but of course, it’s not that simple.

Mason also said that when it comes to playing live or making more music, “I don’t think you’ll find very much support from Roger and David for working together.” The men he’s referring to—Roger Waters and David Gilmour—helped make Pink Floyd the globe-dominating band they once were…and to an extent, still are to this day. The musicians have been at odds for many years, and it seems that their feud is only intensifying as time goes on.

Mason nailed home his point in the interview, commenting that “I really, really don’t think there’s an appetite (for a reunion).” That’s unhappy news for Pink Floyd die-hard supporters, but it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Pink Floyd hasn’t performed together as a full group in nearly 20 years. The rockers reunited for the Live 8 charity event in 2005, which took place in London. Since then, the members have been working on their solo careers.

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