Drake Maverick teases huge announcement for 205 Live ahead of WrestleMania

Last year, 205 Live hit a sort of reset button that brought the WWE Universe some fast-paced high impact action throughout 2018. It took place after Enzo Amore was stripped of his Cruiserweight Championship. In order to determine the next champion, new General Manager Drake Maverick announced the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.



It began on January 30th, featuring some incredible matches between sixteen of the best cruiserweights in the WWE. At WrestleMania, Cedric Alexander defeated Mustafa Ali in the finals to be crowned the new Cruiserweight Champion. This match served as a sort of reintroduction to the brand for those who had given up on the show in the years prior.

Now, a year after 205 Live’s turnaround, Drake Maverick has revealed that he has something big in store for the cruiserweight division at WrestleMania.


It’s unknown at this moment what Maverick has in store for the division, though some fans are hoping for a multi-man ladder match.

What would you like to see the cruiserweights do at this year’s WrestleMania event? Are you interested in a ladder match, or would you like to see a more traditional match between Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy and somebody else? 

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